Data Science



Solo "Do or die: why AI is a must and not an option?"

– The value of analytics
– The current state of AI
– How can companies and organizations benefit from AI?
– Famous Ukrainian AI products
– Why Ukraine is a good place to develop AI solutions?



Solo "Datacenter infrastructure acceleration with NVIDIA DPU"

Today datacenters are the main units of computing. But increasing their performance, flexibility, and security comes with a cost - the CPU spends more time on managing the infrastructure.
NVIDIA has a solution to the datacenter scale problem. This presentation will show examples how our products reduce costs, increase security and scalability of modern datacenters and supercomputers.



Solo "AI doesn't exist"

For a few years already, we are all hearing how artificial intelligence is amazing and how it will deeply change our lives. As a matter of fact, data science is everywhere. But between us, do you think artificial intelligence really exists or is it just an invention of our hungry wishes?



Solo "AI and Business"

What opportunities does AI open for business? Why AI startup requires more investments? What are the needs of AI startup? We'll try to address these questions in practical way using our Cardio.AI solution as an example.



"How can Ukraine lead AI innovations in the data age"

Every year the amount of data in the world is growing at an astronomical rate. The amount of data produced in the last two years alone exceeds the amount of all data produced before that. During the panel, we will share specific cases to show how working with data and AI helps businesses grow, save money, and scale to new markets.