Upscaling Coaching

29.08.2023 | 11:00 - 17:30 Stage: Empower Coaching Oasis
Upscaling coaching: tools for growth in transformative times

The stressful conditions of the Ukrainian reality force entrepreneurs to look for new approaches and solutions to keep their businesses competitive and develop them in military conditions. Our ‘Upscaling Coaching’ block is designed to help you find your best tools and strategies for your new future.
As part of this block, you will be offered individual or group coaching sessions from the professionals of the Upscaling Coaching Agency.
Registration for individual sessions is available to all summit participants.
You can also take part in two unique coaching programs by appointment: ‘Upscaling the future according to Zolotarevych’s 5-step model’ and ‘Business leader strategy: archetypes of heroes in the team’.
Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or already running a successful business, these coaching sessions will help you discover the tools and strategies that will allow your business to grow and thrive during a period of transformation.

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1.Individual session with a coach

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3. 2 group session