Oleksiy Shaldenko

CEO and co-founder of the Ukrainian AI startup Wantent

Wantent is an AI – powered engagement efficiency software.

Wantent helps producers and distributors of video content determine the emotional reaction of their target audience to a product, thus saving time and marketing budgets at the production stage, making product launch results more predictable.

Wantent is a participant in the AWS and NVIDIA programs, also uses the Hollywood standards for content retrieval from the NAGRA Kudelski Group.
Wantent is a participant of the innovation acceleration program in media, which is supported by the European Union and the community television studio in Belgium.

The startup lanch pilots and works with clients from the CIS region, India, Arab countries.

Before founding a startup, Oleksii was engaged in digital content production. Has 8 years of experience in the industry of special effects for cinema and computer games, and participated in AAA + class Hollywood projects.

He is a Ph.D. of technical sciences, associate professor of the APEPS Department of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where he has been successfully teaching for 7 years.