Natalia Samoylenko

Nutritionist and endocrinologist, founder of the Samoylenko Clinic

Natalia Samoylenko is a doctor with medical experience more than 20 years. 
She is nutritionist and endocrinologist, creates individual healthy nutrition programs.
She is the founder of the Samoylenko Clinic, the author of several books of nutrition for adults and children: “Eat, drink, lose weight”, “What in on your plate”, the founder of the Children and Adult Healthy Nutrition Association, the member of the American Society on Nutrition since 2019, regularly takes part in many International Nutritional Conferences (Dublin 2019, Seattle (USA) 2020 and 2021), the expert of TV program “Snidanok with 1+1”.
Medical education and the certificates: graduated from the Kyiv National Medical University in 2000, received the specialty of endocrinology in 2002, received the specialty of nutrition in 2006.