Cesar Salazar

Founder and СЕО Beyond

César Salazar is the founder and CEO of Beyond, a company on a mission to unleash a whole generation of global startup engineers, designers and operators who will participate as first-class citizens in the creation of the future regardless of where they were born or choose to live.
César is also a first-check investor in a couple of the first unicorn companies in Mexico. He’s often credited with shaping the local startup ecosystem; now home to a handful of unicorns and hundreds of venture backed companies. He co-founded Mexican.VC which was acquired by 500 Startups where César served as partner, working on global strategy and building a portfolio of nearly 100 startups in Latam. He’s also a co-founder of 23 Design, a design firm recently snapped up by Frog Design, commonly known as Steve Jobs’s go to design partner.