Bernhard Friedl

Co-founder and partner of Nextcorpo

A pragmatic realist, entrepreneur, investor, vivid traveler and polyglot, Bernhard has co-founded several companies in Europe and North America. As a native German he brings basic business knowledge and decade long hands on experience to the table.

After a career as a C-level executive, he decided to re-focus on passing on his knowledge to the next generations of entrepreneurs and has engaged as a mentor and investor in the market. In addition to these functions, he serves as a supervisory board member of stock listed companies. His background in computer science combined with the knowledge of an MBA in Finance provided him with the deep understanding necessary to assess the potential of new technologies in todays and tomorrow’s markets. Growing companies from the ground up, (Startup to IPO), Bernhard is familiar with the challenges a company faces through its lifecycle. At this moment, holding the position of co-founder and partner of Nextcorpo, an alternative venture capital fund, investing in and supporting startups around the world.