Aleksey Lazorenko

Country Manager of BlaBlaCar in Ukraine

Aleksey Lazorenko has been the Country Manager of BlaBlaCar in Ukraine for 7 years. Before that he built his career in several corporations, including Samsung and Intel, he was the head of the Ukrainian division of BMBY Software Systems and Beeri Digital Group. In 2012, together with two friends, he founded Podorozhniki, a Ukrainian carpooling startup. Two years later the French company BlaBlaCar bought “Podorozhniki” service, entering the Ukrainian market, and Alexey became the Country Manager of BlaBlaCar in Ukraine.
Today BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest community-based travel platform which allows more than 90 million users to travel to 22 countries around the world. BlaBlaCar uses technology to fill empty seats on the road, connecting users who are looking for rides with hitchhikers or by bus, and making trips more affordable and convenient. BlaBlaCar reduces CO2 emissions by 1.6 million tons annually and connects over 120 million people.